Sonic Breakfast Hours And Menu

Start your day with a good breakfast in a traditional style. Whether you want a sausage toast or a burrito, all you can get here. 

Sonic Breakfast Hour is mainly located in the southern United States, where you can taste the American cuisine. Sonic has over 3529 sites across 46 states, making it conveniently accessible.

Sonic’s day begins at different times in each location. However, most branches open their restaurants around 8 am and close between 11 pm and 12 am. But the breakfast hour completes around 11 am. The best part of Sonic is, the items of the menu stay available all day. 

Sonic’s menu and offerings complement the cafe’s design, which is the main attraction for the visitors. Sonic’s breakfast menu offers an iconic and drive-in atmosphere that elevates food enthusiasts to new heights and takes them on a flavorful journey.

The Sonic Breakfast Hours cater to the needs of various schedules, including early risers, mid-morning enthusiasts, and those looking for a leisurely brunch. 

Sonic has the best toaster menu to start your meal. Also, the variety of coffee options will energize you within no time. To cover your protein and carbs requirement, the main course comes with the meat and cheese option. Lastly, beverages, ice creams and cocktails will help you to satisfy your thirst receptors. 

Overall, Sonic’s breakfast menu is one of the representative parts of American cuisine where you can organize your breakfast in a tasteful way. But these aren’t enough to explain about Sonic’s breakfast magic, let’s explore the inside.  

Sonic Breakfast Hours For Different State

Sonic Breakfast Hours are from 8 am to 11 am daily. The hours of operation vary for each restaurant, with some openings as early as 7 am. To confirm Sonic drive-in lunch hours at your desired location, check online or call beforehand. Sonic serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and other unique fast food options every day of the week. 

Sonic’s joyful atmosphere welcomes you whether you visit during the week or on weekends. Sonic’s menu options are ideal for lunch, late breakfast, brunch, or early dinner. It is available daily between 11 am to 4 pm. However, certain cities have set closure times that we may review and plan around.

CityBreakfast Hours StartsBreakfast Hours Ends
Los Angeles, CA8: 00 AM11:00 AM
New York City, NY8: 00 AM11:00 AM
Chicago, IL8: 00 AM11:00 AM
Houston, TX8: 00 AM11:00 AM
Atlanta, GA8: 00 AM11:00 AM

Table: Sonic Breakfast Hours For Different State

This table briefly summarizes the opening and closing times for several cities in the United States. Whether you’re on the colorful streets of New York City or enjoying the late-night atmosphere of Los Angeles, knowing the closing times allows you to make the most of your time in these legendary locales. Plan your activities appropriately to maximize your time in these vibrant and diverse cities!

What Time Does Sonic Start and Stop Serving Breakfast? 

Sonic starts serving their breakfast around 8:00 am and the breakfast serving hour stops at 11:00 am. For most of the branches of sonic the time schedule remains the same. 

Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day? 

Sonic has their breakfast hour from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM each day at most of its locations across the United States. But fortunately, breakfast items are served all day. So, you can satisfy your cravings for having the morning items anytime. 

Does Sonic Offer Gluten-free Breakfast?

Sonic Drive-In’s menu mostly consists of fast food items, several of which include gluten. However, like many fast food restaurants, they may have some alternatives that are naturally gluten-free or contain no gluten-containing components, such as plain eggs, bacon, and some breakfast meats. 

Sonic Breakfast Menu Overview with Price Details

Sonic’s Appetizers

Begin your meal with Sonic’s renowned appetizers. It is the prelude to a wonderful voyage. Dive into the day with the Bacon Breakfast Toaster, which includes thick Texas Toast heaped with your choice of delicious sausage, succulent ham, or crispy bacon, as well as melty cheese and fluffy eggs. Alternatively, the Sausage Breakfast Toaster is a delicious experience with sausage, melty cheese, and fluffy eggs over thick Texas toast.

Breakfast Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
Bacon Breakfast Toaster$4.36
Sausage Breakfast Toaster$4.36
Bacon Breakfast Burrito$3.74
Sausage Breakfast Burrito$5.24
Jr. Bacon, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Burrito$1.99
Jr. Sausage, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Burrito$1.99
Cinnabon® Cinnasnacks® With Cream Cheese Frosting$4.24

Table: Menu of Sonic Breakfast Snacks

For those who prefer a transportable meal, the 1st Baron Beaverbrook Breakfast Burrito and Sausage Breakfast Burrito feature a warm flour tortilla loaded with delectable substances such as scrambled eggs, crispy Viscount St. Albans, melty cheddar cheese, and savory sausage. 

The remaining Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito has savory sausage, crispy Francis Bacon, golden toddlers, zesty cheese sauce, and fluffy scrambled eggs in a heated flour tortilla. Sonic additionally has junior-sized alternatives, including the Jr. 1st Baron Verulam, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Burrito and the Jr. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Burrito, ideal for a fast and attractive breakfast nibble. 

Coffee Options of Sonic

Discover the rich and energizing world of Sonic’s coffee options, where each cup is meticulously made to provide the ideal start to your day. Sonic’s coffee menu caters to a wide range of tastes, from the classic warmth of Green Mountain Coffee to the fashionable and refreshing Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee and French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

Menu ItemPrice
Green Mountain Coffee®$1.99
Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee$3.49
French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee$3.49

Table: Available Sonic’s Coffee Menu

Sonic’s coffee collection is designed for discriminating coffee lovers looking for a delicious and wide range of selections. Whether you like the comfortable warmth of Green Mountain Coffee® or the refreshing cold of Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee and French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Sonic guarantees that every sip is a voyage into the world of superb coffee. Start your day right with Sonic’s excellent coffee selection, where flavor meets perfection in every cup.

Premium Roast Coffee

Start your day correctly with Sonic’s Premium Roast Coffee. These coffees come in various sizes, from ordinary to large, and feature-rich and aromatic aromas, promising the ideal morning boost.


Table: Available Premium Roast Coffee Options 

Sonic’s Premium Roast Coffee offers a superior coffee experience. Whether you choose the normal or large size, each sip takes you on a trip through Sonic’s robust and delightful brew. 

Sonic’s Main Course

Take a morning gourmet trip with Sonic’s Breakfast major publications, where each chew is a symphony of flavors designed to elevate the day’s most important meal. From robust and full burritos to creative and delectable variations on traditional morning favorites, Sonic’s main guides offer a breakfast experience that exceeds expectations. Allow the aroma of sizzling sausages, crispy Beaverbrook, and golden children to welcome you to a breakfast supper party that accommodates every taste, setting the tone for a day full of strength and joy.

Menu ItemPriceDescription
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™$5.99A warm flour tortilla filled with savory sausage, crispy bacon, golden tots, zesty cheese sauce, and fluffy scrambled eggs.
Supersonic® Breakfast Burrito$5.79A flour tortilla filled with sausage, melty cheddar cheese, diced onions, tots, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

Table: Available Sonic’s Main Course Menu

As you enjoy the final slices of Sonic’s Breakfast main courses, you’ve tasted more than just a meal; you’ve tasted the essence of a morning done properly. Sonic’s full and enjoyable burritos, each packed with a delicious blend of components, have left an indelible impact on your taste buds, making it your go-to vacation location for a breakfast that exceeds expectations. 

Sonic’s commitment to taste, quality, and innovation is evident in their Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito and SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito. As the sun rises, Sonic’s breakfast’s most crucial publications ensure that your day starts on a delicious note, guaranteeing a morning full of vitality, delight, and anticipation for the next culinary adventure. 

Sonic’s Drive-In Beverages

Sonic has a variety of options in beverages that includes the limeades, slushes, soft drinks, cocktails and water. In further descriptions, these sections have more options as well. 

Sonic’s Signature Limeades

Sonic’s beverage options start with Sonic’s Signature Limeades which will whisk you away on a zesty voyage. Our limeades range from the tiny, which delivers a blast of zesty freshness, to the Route 44, which provides a large sip of lime-infused joy.

Route 44$2.59

Table: Available Sonic’s Signature Limeades Options

Enjoy the delightful mix of Sonic’s famous lime taste, whether sipping a simple small or going all out with Route 44. Sonic’s Signature Limeades promise a wonderful journey through the realm of lime-infused refreshment.

Famous Slushes

Sonic’s Famous Slushes transports you to a world of chilly joy. From tiny to Route 44, these slushes have myriad flavors to delight your taste buds, creating a symphony of fruity and chilly notes with each sip.

Route 44$2.59

Table: Available Famous Slushes Options 

Sonic’s Famous Slushes offer refreshing and robust flavors to satisfy your needs. Whether you choose Little or Route 44, each size provides a deliciously fruity and frosty pleasure.

Candy Slushes

Take a sweet voyage with Sonic’s Candy Slushes. From a little treat with brilliant colors and delicious candy infusions to the Route 44, a huge surprise for the sweet tooth, these slushes guarantee an explosion of sugar sensations.

Route 44$3.09

Table: Available Candy Slushes Options

Sonic’s Candy Slushes offers a delicious combination of slushy bliss and several candy flavors. The small Route 44 sizes provide an ideal blend of refreshing slushiness and enticing candy flavors.

Real Fruit Slushes

Sonic’s Real Fruit Slushes provide a refreshing rush of fruit flavor. From tiny to Route 44, these slushes combine real fruits to provide a pleasant and energizing delight that promises an authentic fruit flavor.

Route 44$2.99

Table: Available Real fruit Slushes Options 

Sonic’s Real Fruit Slushes deliver the powerful and authentic taste of real fruit in every sip. Whether you go little or all-in with Route 44, each size guarantees a delightful and refreshing experience.

Sonic Splash

Sonic’s Sonic Splash transports you to a world full of delicious delight. From a little blast of flavor to Route 44, an oversized delight, these beverages blend tastes in perfect harmony for a pleasurable sip.

Route 44$2.19

Table: Available Sonic Splash Options 

Sonic’s SONIC Splash offers a fruity refreshment, creating a symphony of flavor and coolness with each sip. Whether you go Little or Route 44, each size provides a refreshing and bold beverage experience.

Juice Cocktail

Start the day with Sonic’s Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail. Available in small to medium portions, these beverages deliver the benefits of citrus or cranberries in a sip-worthy morning refresher.


Table: Available Juice Cocktails Size and Prices 

In conclusion, Sonic offers small and larger flavors of Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice Cocktails. Each taste promises the goodness of citrus or cranberries to uplift your spirits.

Soft Drinks

Sonic’s Classic Soft Drinks will quench your thirst. Sonic’s Soft Drinks provide a familiar refresher to any meal, from a small glass of your favorite soda to the Route 44, which offers an extra-large serving of your fizzy drink.

Route 44$2.19
(Iced Tea) Gallon$3.99

Table: Available Soft Drinks Options with Price 

Enjoy the effervescent thrill of Sonic’s traditional soft drinks, whether you pick a small or a large Route 44. Each swallow guarantees the delicious and effervescent goodness you enjoy.

Sonic Energy Drink

Sonic’s Sonic Energy Drinks will energize your day. From a little to a Route 44, these potent concoctions are meant to provide you with the necessary boost, providing the ideal combination of flavor and revitalizing force.

Route 44$2.49

Table: Available Sonic Energy Drinks Options 

Sonic’s SONIC Energy Drinks provide an energy-packed experience. Whether you go little or big with Route 44, each size guarantees a refreshing and stimulating option for individuals who love life in the fast lane.

Sonic’s Frozen Ice Cream 

Do you enjoy ice cream in a variety of flavors? Sonic’s Ice Cream Blasts and Shakes will make you feel smooth and melt on your tongue while reviving your entire mind and causing a dopamine rush. These frozen delicacies combine smooth ice cream with a range of delectable mix-ins to create a symphony of flavor and texture. Whether you prefer chocolate sweetness, fruity delights, or a combination, Sonic’s Breakfast Ice Cream Blasts are a delicious way to start the day.

Sonic Sonic Blasts

Sonic’s Frozen Drinks—Sonic Blasts provide a unique frozen enjoyment experience by combining the smoothness of ice cream with a variety of scrumptious mix-ins. Each Sonic Blast, ranging in size from Mini to Large, provides a symphony of textures and flavors, making it the ideal indulgence for any food need.


Table: Available Sonic Blast Drink Size

Experience the frozen ecstasy of Sonic’s Blasts, where every size delivers a burst of flavor and satisfaction. Sonic Blasts, from the small joy of the Mini to the grandeur of the Large, reinvent the frozen treat experience with their enticing mixture of velvety ice cream and delectable mix-ins.

Sonic Old School Floats

Sonic’s Frozen Drinks—old School Floats will take you back in time. These classic concoctions combine the fizz of soda with the softness of ice cream in sizes ranging from Mini to large, providing a timeless delight for those who enjoy the simplicity of a soda float.


Table: Sonic Old School Floats Options 

Sonic’s Old School Floats combine the classic joys of soda and ice cream, with each size offering a voyage into the ideal balance of fizz and frozen delight. Whether you pick for the little or the large, Sonic’s Old School Floats offer a refreshing experience for soda and ice cream lovers alike.

Sonic CreamSlush Treats

Sonic’s Frozen Drink, CreamSlush Treats, is a unique blend of slushy coolness and creamy sweetness. These delicacies, available in Mini to large sizes, combine the finest of both worlds, creating a delicious symphony of textures and flavors to satisfy every pallet.


Table: Available Sonic CreamSlush Treats Options

Sonic’s CreamSlush Treats will elevate your slushy experience, with each size striking the ideal mix between frozen joy and creamy delight. Sonic’s CreamSlush Treats expand the standards of a frozen beverage, from little to enormous.

Sonic Master Shakes

Master Shakes demonstrates the technique of combining decadent flavors into a frozen masterpiece. These shakes, which range in size from Mini to Large, guarantee a rush of ecstasy with each drink, blending the richness of real ice cream with fascinating mix-ins.


Table: Available Sonic Master Shakes Options 

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Sonic’s Master Shakes, with each size ensuring that your frozen delight experience is nothing short of epic. Whether you go for the Mini or the Large, Sonic’s Master Shakes change the shake game with their perfect combination of creamy and savory happiness.

Sonic Ice Cream Blasts

Sonic’s Ice Cream Blasts are a symphony of flavors and sensations, blending classic ice cream with delectable mix-ins for an unforgettable experience. Each item on the menu is meticulously designed to strike the exact combination of sweetness and crunch. Sonic’s Ice Cream Blasts include enticing Snickers’ Bars and the delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Snickers’ Bars$4.50
Reese’s’ Peanut Butter (Cup)$4.50
Oreo Cookie (Pieces)$4.50
Minis Chocolate Candies (M&M’s)$4.50
Chip Cookie Dough (Chocolate)$4.38
Butterfinger Pieces$4.50

Table: Available Sonic Ice Cream Blasts Options 

Sonic’s Ice Cream Blasts, which combine popular sweets such as Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with delicious ice cream, will enhance your ice cream experience. Whether you crave the chocolate deliciousness of Oreo Cookie servings or the delightful crunch of Butterfinger, Sonic’s menu has something for everyone. Treat yourself to frozen delicacies where every bite celebrates flavor and luxury. 

Sonic Ice Cream Shakes Flavors

Sonic’s Shake Menu offers a fantastic assortment of classic flavors, each perfectly crafted for a tasty frozen treat. Sonic invites you on a frozen bliss experience that includes the irresistible richness of Chocolate and Vanilla and the delicious delight of Caramel and Strawberry. With ingredients and an emphasis on flavor, these shakes promise a delicious and refreshing experience for all palates.

Peanut Butter$3.65
Fresh Banana$3.65

Table: Available Sonic Ice Cream Shakes Flavors

Sonic’s Shakes Menu will satisfy your sweet tooth, with each flavor celebrating taste and texture. Whether you prefer the classics or want to try something new, like Cheesecake or Fresh Banana, Sonic’s commitment to excellence delivers a frozen treat experience that is timeless and unique. Treat yourself to the creamy pleasure of Sonic’s shakes, the ideal way to unwind and appreciate moments of pure bliss.

Ocean Water

Sonic Ocean Water will transport your taste buds to the seaside. From a tiny cup to Route 44, these cocktails combine tropical tastes to provide a lovely coastal retreat.

Route 44$2.29

Table: Ocean Water Size Options & Prices 

Immerse yourself in Sonic’s Ocean Water, available in sizes ranging from tiny to Route 44. Each sip delivers the taste of the ocean to your palate, resulting in a pleasant and tropical drinking experience.

Sonic Happy Hour & Breakfast Hour

Are you curious about Happy Hour at Sonic Breakfast? Sonic happy hour times are typically between 2 and 4 pm, when you may enjoy reduced delicacies such as slushes and tater tots at participating locations. It’s intended to brighten your mid-afternoon attitude Monday through Thursday. Happy hour at Sonic is more than simply timing; it includes a variety of traditional favorites, allowing you to enjoy more for less. 

During the cafe’s happy hours, you may order a drink and pair it with any fast food item. Sonic’s iconic tater tots lead the snack parade, and they can be matched with any snack, such as onion rings or mozzarella sticks. But are you terrified of leaving your pocket empty? Okay, let me inform you that Sonic’s Happy Hour offers incredible specials like half-priced snacks. If you enjoy slushies, you’ll be delighted that medium slushies are only $0.99 and large slushies are $1.99. 

DayOpening HoursHappy Hour TimeLate Night Happy Hour
Sunday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Monday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Tuesday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Wednesday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Thursday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Friday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close
Saturday6:00 AM – Midnight2:00 PM – 4:00 PM8:00 PM to Close

Table: Sonic’s Happy Hour Schedule 

Sonic Drive-In’s breakfast menu offers a variety of delectable alternatives to begin your day. There is something for everyone, from savory Breakfast Burritos and Toasters to classic Breakfast Combos. If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in Cinnasnacks and French Toast Sticks. The Ultimate Breakfast Bowls are a heartier option, while Sonic’s Signature Breakfast Toaster is a delightful handheld option. At Sonic Drive-In, you can treat your taste buds to a delectable breakfast experience to ensure everyone has a good morning meal. Sonic Drive-In offers a range of delicious options to start your day.

Sonic’s Order Placing Process

Sonic Drive-In’s serving mechanism exemplifies a unique and macabre force-in ingesting experience, elegantly mixing classic appeal with modern convenience. The power-in ordering process begins as customers park in distinct zones festooned with menu forums. Customers can customize their meals via a manners intercom device, which includes various options ranging from different drink selections to personalized burgers and breakfast gadgets. 

To place an order, you must order your breakfast by 11 a.m. because it stops at that time, followed by lunch, which ends at 4 p.m., and the final meal, which will last till 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. 

Ordering your favorite Sonic Drive-In breakfast is a seamless experience with three convenient methods:

In-Person Ordering

To order in person, you can visit the Sonic stall during the running hours and place the order near the carhop. Here, credit and debit cards are allowed for the payment process. Besides, Sonic provides a safe and sound environment for you to stay while having your meal or pick up from a friendly service person. 

Online Ordering

To order online, you can visit the Sonic website, browse the breakfast menu, and select the items you want to cart in. The process is very easy, and you can check out with multiple payment options. Rather than pay online or cash on delivery, the choice is yours. 

Sonic’s first-rate service revolves around its adept carhops, who are frequently on roller skates and suddenly deliver orders to customers’ cars. The carhops serve meals on trays attached to car home windows, adding a touch of tradition to the dining experience. Sonic accepts app-based complete orders and delivers meals directly to customers’ cars.

Aside from the power-in experience, Sonic has outdoor dining areas and frequently runs happy hour deals, which entice visitors to pay lower prices for specific gadgets. Sonic’s serving gadget is defined by its combination of personalized ordering, competent carhop service, era integration, and a pleasant outdoor environment, making it a must-visit destination for anyone wanting a tasty trip through time and taste. 

Frequently Asked Question  

What Distinguishes Sonic Drive-In From Other Fast-Food Chains?

Sonic Drive-In distinguishes itself with its unique drive-in concept, which allows guests to order and eat from the convenience of their vehicles. With legendary roller-skating carhops and a diverse menu, this unique approach distinguishes Sonic in the fast-food industry.

How Does Sonic’s Drive-In Service Operate?

Customers at Sonic Drive-In can park in specified areas, place their orders via an intercom system, and have their meals served by carhops on roller skates. This classic drive-in experience adds a nostalgic element to the dining experience.

What Are The Sonic Satisfied Hour Specials?

Sonic’s Golden Hour often includes reduced prices on select beverages and snacks during specific hours. It’s an excellent opportunity for customers to enjoy their favorite drinks and meals at a lower cost. Glad Hour times may also vary by location. 

Is It Possible To Change My Sonic Order?

Yes, Sonic has been diagnosed for its caddy accessories customizing add-ons. Customers can customize their orders by choosing from a selection of flavors and blend-ins for drinks, slushes, shakes, and other beverages. This adaptability allows for a more personalized dining experience.

What Does Sonic’s Breakfast Menu Look Like?

Sonic features a large breakfast menu with morning toasters, breakfast burritos, Cinnabon Cinnasnacks, and various coffees. The breakfast buffet provides various savory and sweet options to start your day.

Is Sonic Drive-In Franchised Or Company-Owned?

Sonic Pressure-In extensively uses a franchise version. Although corporations own some websites, the vast majority are owned and maintained by individual franchisees. This decentralized strategy contributes to Sonic’s wide influence throughout America.

Does Sonic Serve Burgers in The Morning?

Yes, Sonic serves burgers in the morning for carb loving people. Every branch of Sonic does have the burger dedicated menu where you can find the cheese burger, bacon burger and Sonic special bacon burgers. 

Does Sonic Serve Coffee All Day?

Yes, fortunately Sonic serves coffee all day. To fill your caffeine requirement, Sonic has made an all day available coffee menu where you can get the Mocha or Americano anytime. 

Does Sonic Serve Ice Cream in The Morning?

Yes, Sonic serves the ice cream in the morning. To complement your desert, Sonic has made the arrangements with ice creams where you can find the large stock of flavors to choose from.

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