Flemings Happy Hour Time And Menu

Fleming's Happy Hour welcomes guests daily from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, offering a perfect opportunity to unwind after work with exceptional deals. Delve into the menu and you'll find a tempting array of appetizers such as the Tenderloin Carpaccio and Sweet Chili Calamari, all priced attractively at $6. These enticing starters pair perfectly with select wines and cocktails, also available for just $6, making Fleming's an ideal spot for your next gathering in Houston near the Energy Corridor.

Beyond the Happy Hour specials, Fleming's is renowned for its premium steaks, including the Dry-Aged Prime Ribeye, which is a must-try for any meat lover. Additionally, the menu boasts an impressive selection of over 100 wines by the glass, ensuring that you can find the perfect pairing for your meal. Whether you're a connoisseur or simply looking to enjoy a quality steak dinner, Fleming's offers an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Wednesday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Thursday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Friday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Saturday5:00 PM7:00 PM
Sunday5:00 PM7:00 PM

Note: The provided table reflects the Happy Hour times at Fleming's, and it's essential to check with the specific location for any variations or updates to their schedule.

Happy Hour Overview

At Flemings, happy hour kicks off on weekdays, typically running from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, offering you special deals on food and drinks. This is your chance to guarantee free from the day's constraints and indulge in a menu crafted to delight without breaking the bank. Imagine winding down in an ambiance that whispers sophistication, yet shouts value, as you explore an array of options designed to satisfy your cravings and lift your spirits.

The happy hour menu at Flemings isn't just any menu; it's a curated selection that promises variety and quality. Whether you're in the mood for a light bite or something more substantial, you're covered. From savory appetizers that set the stage for an evening of freedom and enjoyment to signature cocktails that merge craftsmanship with flair, every choice is an invitation to experience the best at a fraction of the price.

Remember, while the happy hour typically runs from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, most Flemings locations have adapted this time slot to an earlier start from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. This slight adjustment guarantees you have more time to savor the freedom that comes with leaving the day behind and stepping into a world where time slows down, and pleasure takes the front seat.

However, it's essential to note that happy hour times and the specifics of the menu can vary by location. Special events or holidays might also affect availability, so it's always a good idea to check with your local Flemings restaurant for the most current details. This way, you're never caught off guard and can plan your escape to happy hour with confidence.

Daily Schedule

You're probably wondering about what Flemings has in store for you during their happy hour each day.

From Monday through Sunday, they've got a lineup that includes $6 select wines, cocktails, and appetizers from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Let's take a closer look at the timing, what you can expect on weekdays, and the special treats waiting for you on weekends.

Happy Hour Timing

Flemings invites you to unwind during their happy hour, available every day from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, where you can enjoy special pricing on select drinks and appetizers. This is your chance to break free from the day's constraints, to indulge without overthinking.

Imagine sipping on $6 select wines and cocktails, the perfect way to wash away the day's stress. And it's not just about the drinks; food plays a starring role too. With $6 select appetizers, you're invited to treat your taste buds without breaking the bank.

It's an opportunity to explore Flemings' offerings, to relish the flavors and the freedom, all at a more affordable price point. Don't let these moments pass you by – seize them, every day.

Weekday Menu Highlights

After exploring the happy hour timing, let's take a closer look at what you can expect from the weekday menu, detailed by the daily schedule. You've got the freedom to choose from an array of menu options that won't hold you back or break the bank.

From Monday to Sunday, between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, Fleming's happy hour reveals a world of discounted drinks and appetizers. Imagine sipping on select wine and cocktails for just $6, or indulging in tempting appetizers, also at $6. This popular choice among those in the know offers quality dining and drink options at unbeatable value.

Weekend Specials Overview

While the weekday specials provide an unbeatable bargain, the weekend happy hour at Fleming's, running from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, guarantees the good times roll into the weekend with equally tempting deals on select wines, cocktails, and appetizers.

You're free to kick back and indulge in your favorite drinks and bites for just $6 each, making every sip and bite a celebration of your freedom to enjoy the finer things at a fraction of the cost.

The weekend specials make sure that the joy and value of Fleming's happy hour seamlessly extend through your weekend, offering a variety of drink and food specials to elevate your dining experience.

It's your time to savor and save, making every weekend moment at Fleming's truly special.

Featured Cocktails

As you explore the Featured Cocktails at Flemings during happy hour, you'll find signature drinks like the Fleming's Prime Margarita standing out.

They also offer seasonal cocktail selections that change, offering you a taste of something new and unique with each visit.

You're in for a treat with these well-crafted, premium drinks that cater to a wide array of tastes.

Signature Drink Highlights

Discover the elegance of Fleming's happy hour with featured cocktails, including $6 select options, each crafted with premium spirits and fresh ingredients to elevate your dining experience. As you seek freedom in your choices, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect beverage, consider these highlights:

  1. Savor the innovation and creativity behind every cocktail, designed to surprise your taste buds.
  2. Delight in the sophisticated ambiance that accompanies each sip, making every moment feel special.
  3. Appreciate the value of premium spirits mixed with fresh ingredients, ensuring a high-quality experience.
  4. Embrace the opportunity to explore unique and creative cocktail creations, broadening your horizons.

Fleming's happy hour isn't just about enjoying a meal; it's an invitation to indulge in a refined beverage experience.

Seasonal Cocktail Selections

Building on the foundation of their signature drink highlights, Fleming's happy hour further entices with seasonal cocktail selections, introducing an invigorating array of options tailored to the time of year. These cocktail options aren't just drinks; they're an adventure in a glass, giving you the opportunity to explore flavors and experiences that change with the seasons.

SeasonCocktail OptionFlavor Profile
SpringBlossom MartiniFloral and Fresh
SummerSunset SangriaFruity and Bold
FallSpiced Orchard Old FashionedWarm and Rich
WinterFrostbite MargaritaCool and Citrusy

Embark on these dynamic and exciting cocktail options, crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Let each sip transport you, offering a variety of new experiences every time you visit during happy hour.

Appetizer Selections

You'll find Flemings' happy hour menu boasts a selection of appetizers like crispy shrimp, tenderloin carpaccio, and calamari, all priced at just $6 each. These appetizer options are curated to perfectly complement your drink choices, whether you're sipping on a seasonal cocktail or a glass of wine. Here's why you shouldn't miss out on these mouth-watering starters:

  1. Variety That Excites: With options ranging from the sea's crispiness to the land's richness, there's an appetizer to excite every taste bud. You're not just getting a deal; you're setting off on a flavorful adventure.
  2. Perfect Pairing: Each appetizer is crafted to enhance your happy hour experience. Imagine the delicate flavors of tenderloin carpaccio melting away with each sip of your drink, creating a symphony of tastes.
  3. Unbeatable Price: At just $6 each, these appetizers are a steal. It's an invitation to try them all without breaking the bank, offering you the freedom to indulge without hesitation.
  4. Social Snacking: These appetizers are perfect for sharing, making your happy hour a communal feast. It's about celebrating freedom, flavors, and friendships, all served on a platter.

As you enjoy the laid-back ambiance and the company of good friends, remember that Flemings' happy hour appetizers are more than just food; they're an experience. Each bite is a reminder of the joys of freedom, the pleasure of exploring new tastes, and the delight in finding your perfect drink and appetizer pairing. So, grab a seat, order your favorites, and let the evening unfold with every delicious bite.

Wine and Beer Options

Sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying a craft beer becomes an integral part of the Flemings happy hour experience, with selections thoughtfully curated to complement your meal. Imagine unwinding after a long day, where the freedom to choose from a variety of wine options beckons. Flemings offers an impressive array of wines by the glass, including the velvety reds, crisp whites, and bubbly sparkling options. You're not just choosing a drink; you're starting on a flavor journey that perfectly matches your happy hour cravings.

But let's not forget the beer enthusiasts out there. Flemings caters to your tastes too, with a beer menu that includes craft beers, local brews, and imported selections. Whether you're in the mood for a light and invigorating lager or a rich and robust stout, you'll find something that tickles your fancy during happy hour. And with select wines available for just $6 per glass, you've got every reason to try something new or stick with your favorites without breaking the bank.

The diversity doesn't end there. Seasonal selections and rotating craft beer offerings ensure that there's always something new to discover. It's all about giving you the freedom to explore different tastes and preferences. Whether you're a wine aficionado or a beer devotee, Flemings' happy hour menu has got you covered. So, grab your friends, make your way to Flemings, and plunge into a world where wine and beer options are plentiful and tailored to make your happy hour truly unforgettable.

Signature Dishes

After exploring the vast wine and beer options, let's not overlook Flemings' culinary stars, the signature dishes that truly make happy hour shine. You're in for a treat with menu options that go beyond the ordinary, offering a culinary adventure that's both indulgent and unmatched.

Here's a sneak peek into the signature dishes that await:

  1. Dry-Aged Prime Ribeye: A must-try for meat lovers, this premium cut is aged to perfection, offering a rich, deep flavor that's simply irresistible. Paired with one of Fleming's 100 wines by the glass, you're in for a decadent dining experience that will leave your taste buds dancing.
  2. Filet Mignon: For those who prefer their steak tender and succulent, the Filet Mignon is a no-brainer. Expertly cooked to your liking, it's a proof of Fleming's culinary expertise and commitment to quality. It's a simple choice for a sophisticated palate.
  3. Chilean Sea Bass: Diving into the seafood options, the Chilean Sea Bass stands out with its buttery texture and delicate flavor. It's a proof of Fleming's ability to not just excel in steaks but to also wow with seafood.
  4. Bone-In Ribeye & Double-Thick Pork Rib Chop: If you're looking to push the boundaries, these premium cuts offer an unforgettable experience. The Bone-In Ribeye promises a juicy, flavorful journey, while the Double-Thick Pork Rib Chop is a hearty, satisfying choice for those craving something different.

With these menu options, you're not just enjoying a meal; you're embracing freedom, indulgence, and the joy of experiencing top-tier culinary craftsmanship. Welcome to happy hour at Flemings – where every dish is a signature, and every bite is a celebration.

Vegetarian Delights

Flemings isn't just about succulent steaks; its Vegetarian Delights menu offers a variety of fresh and flavorful choices that cater to meat-free preferences. You're not limited to just a side salad or steamed veggies here. Instead, you can delve into a range of appetizing vegetarian options that are anything but an afterthought. With dishes like the Fleming's Salad, Roasted Portobello Mushroom, and Sautéed Spinach, you've got the freedom to enjoy a meal that's both satisfying and aligned with your vegetarian lifestyle.

If you're yearning for something that packs a bit more punch, the Chipotle Cheddar Mac & Cheese or the Fleming's Potatoes are guaranteed to hit the spot. These aren't your average vegetarian sides; they're crafted to delight your taste buds with layers of flavor and texture. And for starters, you're in for a treat with vegetarian-friendly options that perfectly complement the dining experience. Each dish is prepared with the same attention to detail and quality ingredients as the rest of the menu, making sure that your meat-free choices are nothing short of spectacular.

At Flemings, being vegetarian doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste or variety. The Vegetarian Delights menu makes sure you've got plenty of delicious and satisfying options for a truly memorable dining experience. So, whether you're a vegetarian or simply looking to explore meat-free dishes, Flemings has got you covered with choices that celebrate the freedom and joy of vegetarian dining.

Dessert Specials

Following your exploration of Flemings' Vegetarian Delights, don't miss the chance to indulge in their dessert specials during happy hour. After savoring the savory, grant yourself the freedom to delve into the sweet. Flemings knows the perfect meal isn't complete without a little something sugary to seal the deal. Their happy hour isn't just about drinks and appetizers; it's a full-circle dining experience that saves the best for last.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Cheesecake Bliss: Imagine immersing yourself in a creamy, dreamy slice of cheesecake that's got just the right amount of tang and sweetness. It's a classic done right, and during happy hour, it's yours to enjoy at a price that'll have you smiling.
  2. Chocolate Lava Cake Extravaganza: For the chocoholics, the chocolate lava cake is a must-try. This dessert is all about the rich, gooey center that oozes out with the first spoonful—a true eruption of flavor that pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or a dessert wine.
  3. Seasonal Fruit Tarts: If you're looking for something a bit lighter but equally enticing, the seasonal fruit tarts are a perfect choice. They're fresh, they're fruity, and they're beautifully presented—an invigorating way to end your meal on a rejuvenating note.
  4. Discounted Decadence: The best part? All these dessert specials come at discounted prices during happy hour. It's your chance to treat yourself without breaking the bank, to live a little and savor the sweet side of life.

Making Reservations

To secure your spot for an unforgettable dining experience, you can easily make reservations at Flemings through OpenTable. This platform allows you the freedom to choose your preferred time without the hassle of phone calls or waiting for confirmation emails. You're in control, with the ability to make or modify your reservations at your convenience. Remember, you'll need to provide your party size information, ensuring the team at Flemings can prepare the perfect table for you and your guests.

If your plans include something a bit more private or special, don't hesitate to reach out to the Private Dining Director at (713) 827-1120. They're on hand to assist with any specific requests or to answer your questions regarding event planning. You've got the power to shape your dining experience to your exact needs, whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a lavish celebration.

For those eyeing an event that demands a personal touch, private party contact details are readily available for all your event planning inquiries. This means you're not just making a reservation; you're crafting an event that's tailored to your vision.

Located at 788 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 788, Houston, TX 77024, Flemings is more than ready to welcome you. Whether it's a spontaneous dinner or a meticulously planned gathering, making reservations is your first step towards an evening filled with exceptional food, exquisite drinks, and an atmosphere that's entirely yours to enjoy. Don't wait, take the reins and secure your spot today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Biggest Steak at Fleming's?

You're probably wondering what the biggest steak at Fleming's is, right?

Well, it's the Dry-Aged Prime Ribeye. This isn't just any steak; it's a premium cut that's been aged to perfection, ensuring a rich, robust flavor and unbeatable tenderness. Steak enthusiasts rave about its marbling and juiciness.

When you're at Fleming's, choosing the Dry-Aged Prime Ribeye means you're opting for the ultimate steak experience.

What Is the Dress Code for Flemings Downtown La?

You're stepping into a world of sophistication at Fleming's Downtown LA, where business casual isn't just a suggestion, it's your ticket to a culinary adventure.

Leave those flip flops and athletic wear behind, and dress to impress with collared shirts, dress pants, or elegant dresses. They're not just keeping up appearances; they're crafting an atmosphere where every guest feels part of something exclusive.

Don't let a baseball cap hold you back from this exquisite experience.

Who Owns Fleming's Restaurant?

You're wondering who's behind Fleming's restaurant, right?

Well, it's owned by Bloomin' Brands, the same folks who brought you Outback Steakhouse. They started back in 1988 and have their headquarters in sunny Tampa, Florida.

Fleming's itself made its grand entrance in 1998 in Newport Beach, California.

With over 200 restaurants under their belt, Bloomin' Brands offers you an upscale dining experience, featuring those prime steaks and an extensive wine list you love.

Is There a Dress Code for Flemings New Jersey?

Yes, there's no strict dress code at Flemings in New Jersey, but you'll fit right in with business casual.

Most folks choose smart or upscale attire to match the dining experience. You don't have to go all out, but dresses, dress shirts, or slacks are common choices.

Just aim to look neat and presentable. It's all about enjoying your meal in comfort while respecting the upscale vibe of the place.


So, there you have it – your guide to making the most of Flemings' happy hour.

Remember, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' Don't let the hustle and bustle of daily life rob you of the joy found in a glass of wine and a plate of delightful appetizers.

Reserve your spot, invite your friends, and let the good times roll from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Here's to unwinding, indulging, and making every moment count. Cheers!

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