El Torito Happy Hours

El Torito’s Happy Hours delight guests daily from 3pm to 7pm, offering an array of food and drink specials starting at just $4. Dive into a world of flavors with menu highlights like the savory Street Corn and creamy Queso Dip. Pair these with a refreshing Draft Beer Pint or a glass of House Wine to elevate your dining experience.

But the culinary journey doesn’t end there. From tantalizing appetizers to satisfying main courses, there’s something for every palate. For those looking for a recommendation, trying the Street Corn alongside your favorite beverage is a must for a perfect blend of taste and tradition. Discover more about how to make the most of these enticing deals as we delve deeper into what El Torito has to offer.

El Torito Happy Hours Schedule

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours

Happy Hour Times

El Torito’s Happy Hour typically kicks off daily from 3pm to 7pm at most locations across California. This is your chance to unwind and indulge in some of the best deals on drinks and appetizers. Whether you’re wrapping up a long day at work or looking for a spot to start your evening out, El Torito has got you covered with its enticing Happy Hour schedule.

However, it’s worth noting that there may be variations in timing at specific locations like Marina del Rey, Redondo Beach, Dana Point, and Monterey. So, if you’re planning to visit these spots, it’s a good idea to check ahead to ensure you don’t miss out on the special offers. This slight variation in schedules ensures that no matter where you’re in California, there’s a Happy Hour waiting for you, albeit at slightly different times depending on your location.

Menu Highlights

Diving into the El Torito Happy Hour menu, you’ll find irresistible deals starting at $4, including favorites like Street Corn and Queso Dip. As you explore further, the excitement builds with $6 options such as Mini Tacos Steak & Chorizo and the always refreshing Signature Margaritas.

Then, when you think it can’t get any better, you discover the exclusive $8 dishes like Beef Birria Tacos and BBQ Carnitas Sliders, elevating your Happy Hour experience to a whole new level. Plus, with Sunday Happy Hour extending drink specials from 9 am to close and appetizer specials from 2 pm to close, your weekend just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

Here’s a quick highlight of what’s waiting for you:

  • *Street Corn and Queso Dip* for those craving a classic with a twist.
  • *Mini Tacos Steak & Chorizo* that pack a punch in every bite.
  • *Signature Margaritas* to refresh and invigorate your taste buds.
  • *Beef Birria Tacos* for an indulgent escape into flavor.
  • *BBQ Carnitas Sliders* that are the perfect blend of savory and sweet.

Prepare to be wowed by the variety and value El Torito offers during Happy Hour.

Pricing Guide

After exploring the menu highlights, let’s look at how the Happy Hour prices at El Torito can make your experience both delicious and affordable.

Starting at just $4, you can dive into select items like Street Corn and Queso Dip, perfect for beginning your feast without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to elevate your Happy Hour, premium options are available at $8. Indulge in Beef Birria Tacos or BBQ Carnitas Sliders, which are sure to satisfy those cravings for something a bit more upscale.

For those in your party who might appreciate a drink or two, El Torito doesn’t disappoint. You can grab a Bud Light Bucket for only $15, making it a great choice for sharing. If margaritas are more your style, you’re in luck. Signature Margaritas are priced affordably at $6, while those looking for a specialty drink can find them at $8.

With pricing tiers that range from $4 to $15, El Torito’s Happy Hour offerings provide a variety of options that cater to both your taste and budget. So, you can enjoy a delightful experience without worrying about the cost.

Taco Tuesday Deals

Turning to Taco Tuesday, you’ll find irresistible deals where tacos are just $1.50 each at El Torito, making it a perfect choice for a budget-friendly feast. With this special offer available exclusively on Tuesdays at participating locations, you’ve got a prime opportunity to indulge in your favorite Mexican cuisine without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a fan of chicken, carnitas, steak, or al pastor, El Torito has got you covered with a variety of options to suit your taste. Each taco is generously topped with fixings, and to make your meal even more enjoyable, you can pair it with a special house drink for just $4.

Savor the Flavor: Bite into a world of juicy, tender meats wrapped in soft, warm tortillas that transport your taste buds straight to culinary heaven.

Mix and Match: With chicken, carnitas, steak, and al pastor on the menu, you’re free to create your perfect taco trio.

Cheers to Savings: Wash down your tacos with a special $4 house drink, making your dining experience both delicious and wallet-friendly.

Unbeatable Value: At just $1.50 per taco, you can feast like a king without the royal expenses.

Make Tuesdays Special: Transform your ordinary Tuesdays into a festive, flavor-packed celebration that you and your friends will look forward to every week.

Pro Football Happy Hour

For football fans, Pro Football Happy Hour at El Torito offers an unbeatable mix of game-time excitement and mouthwatering specials from the early afternoon well into the evening. Imagine settling in with your friends, the game’s on, and you’re not just watching your favorite teams battle it out—you’re doing it with some of the best deals in town.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect on game days:

Mondays & ThursdaysFood & Drink Specials from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM
SundaysFood Specials: 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Drink Specials: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

These extended hours mean you won’t miss a single play, no matter when the game is. You’re covered from the first touchdown to the last whistle. Whether it’s a Monday night showdown, a Thursday evening clash, or a full Sunday of football frenzy, Pro Football Happy Hour at El Torito is your go-to destination. Don’t just catch the game, experience it with the best deals around!

Loyalty Program Benefits

As you explore the benefits of the Xperience Rewards Loyalty Program, you’ll quickly notice how the reward points system elevates your dining experience.

Reward Points System

Joining the Xperience Rewards Loyalty Program at El Torito allows you to savor not only a free entrée upon sign-up but also a complimentary one on your birthday. As you continue to indulge in the flavors of El Torito, you’ll earn Chips through the loyalty program, which can be redeemed for free items and specials, enhancing your dining experience every time you visit.

  • Feel the excitement of earning Chips with every meal.
  • Relish in the joy of a free birthday entrée.
  • Savor the satisfaction of redeeming rewards.
  • Enjoy the warmth of exclusive discounts, just for you.
  • Revel in the delight of making every meal more rewarding.

With the Xperience Rewards Loyalty Program, every visit to El Torito becomes a chance to enjoy more of what you love.

Exclusive Member Offers

When you sign up for the Xperience Rewards Loyalty Program, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of exclusive offers and discounts, available only to members. Right off the bat, you’re welcomed with a free entrée, and the generosity continues with a complimentary entrée on your birthday.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll earn Chips through your patronage, which you can redeem for free items, exclusive discounts, and special offers. As a member, you’re privy to benefits and discounts that regular customers can only dream of.

Enjoy personalized deals and rewards tailored just for you. By leveraging the loyalty program, your dining experience at El Torito becomes not just memorable but also filled with various perks and savings.

Weekend Specials

Kick off your weekend with El Torito’s all-new Saturday Breakfast menu, featuring over 13 fresh and delicious items. Imagine unwinding from the week’s hustle and diving into a variety of breakfast options that promise not only to satisfy your hunger but also to elevate your weekend experience. Available exclusively on Saturdays, this breakfast menu is designed to cater to your leisurely mornings, offering a diverse range of options that ensure there’s something for everyone.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in a breakfast experience crafted with care and attention to detail? Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • A Burst of Freshness: Start your day with vibrant, fresh ingredients that awaken your senses.
  • Diverse Offerings: From savory to sweet, explore a menu that caters to every palate.
  • Leisurely Mornings: Take your time, there’s no rush. Enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Perfect for Sharing: Bring friends or family. There’s joy in sharing a meal together.
  • Weekend Exclusive: Make your Saturdays special with a breakfast experience you’ll look forward to each week.

Don’t let your weekends be ordinary. Elevate them with El Torito’s Saturday Breakfast specials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reserve a Table Specifically for Happy Hour at El Torito, or Is It First-Come, First-Served?

You’re wondering if you can reserve a table for happy hour, but it’s generally a first-come, first-served situation. Unfortunately, El Torito doesn’t usually accept reservations during these times.

It’s best to get there early if you’re aiming for a spot. Since seating can vary by location and crowd, it’s a good idea to call ahead and check the specific policies of your local El Torito.

This way, you won’t be left standing.

Are There Any Exclusive Happy Hour Deals Available Only Through the El Torito Mobile App?

Yes, there are exclusive Happy Hour deals you can only snag through the El Torito mobile app. By downloading it, you’ll get access to discounts on select food and drinks during Happy Hour that aren’t available to everyone.

Plus, the app keeps you in the loop with notifications on special deals and events, making your experience even more personalized. Don’t miss out on these app-only savings and benefits for Happy Hour.

How Does El Torito Accommodate Dietary Restrictions or Allergies During Happy Hour?

You’ll find that 32% of diners have dietary restrictions or allergies, and El Torito’s got you covered. Their Happy Hour menu includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Just let your server know about any dietary needs, and they’ll guide you to the perfect dish or tweak one to suit you. With trained staff and a diverse menu, you’re in for a safe and satisfying experience.

Can Happy Hour Specials Be Combined With Other Ongoing Promotions or Discounts at El Torito?

You’re out of luck if you’re hoping to stack up discounts during Happy Hour. At El Torito, Happy Hour deals are strictly standalone. That means you can’t combine them with any other promotions or discounts.

They’ve made it clear that these specials are to be enjoyed on their own, so plan accordingly. Remember, it’s all about timing; these offers are only available during those designated Happy Hour slots.

Does El Torito Offer Any Non-Alcoholic Drink Specials During Happy Hour for Designated Drivers or Non-Drinkers?

Yes, you can enjoy non-alcoholic drink specials during happy hour if you’re a designated driver or simply prefer not to drink alcohol. El Torito offers a variety of refreshing options like soda, iced tea, lemonade, and fruit juices at discounted prices.

They also have non-alcoholic specialty drinks, including virgin margaritas and mocktails, allowing you to enjoy the happy hour vibe and savings without the alcohol.


So, you’ve got the scoop on El Torito’s Happy Hours.

Imagine unwinding on a patio, sipping a $4 draft beer while nibbling on mouth-watering Street Corn. It’s not just a deal; it’s a vibe.

From the daily specials that won’t break the bank to the Taco Tuesday extravaganzas and loyalty perks, there’s always a reason to pop in.

Don’t let another day pass without checking out these unbeatable offers. Trust me, your taste buds and wallet will thank you.

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