Wilder Quarterly

Anybody remember last Autumn?

October 2012. Before the weekends had specials and soup. Before the building had heat and the pies meat. Before meyer lemon marmalade, marmite guacamole toast and the egg in a glass. Before the snow. Rushing, rushing to be ready for our inaugural pizza weekend, knowing that the crowds were assembling and a coterie of friends advancing on us from around Delaware County, not to mention up I87 from New York City. Among them Gemma and Andrew Ingalls from Brooklyn, armed with camera gear, and Anna Moschovakis from Hobart armed with her pen and a mission from Wilder Quarterly to tell something of Table on Ten’s early story and our hopes for the future.

Wilder Quarterly

The idea of being featured in Wilder was … still is … a big deal for us. We’d only been open a few months, the menu and microshop were growing but it was early days. The first chill of winter was in the air and the furnace and heating system were still theoretical entities. The magazine had featured Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle in Morocco, the Moss Temple in Kyoto, wild foraging in Finland and off-limits geode vaults in the American Museum of Natural History; and now they were on their way to Bloomville in the Western Catskills. And the pizza oven was still curing.

As we now recall with joy and relief (and memories of warm sunshine), everything went off beautifully. Gemma and Andy shot voraciously for two days and roamed the neighborhood, visiting Steve at Burnett Farms and Richard and Holley at Lucky Dog amongst others. The unveiling of the oven saw us jammed to the rafters with friends and supporters, and down to our last scraps of sourdough. Our extended family of local heroes helped with everything from entertaining all-comers, running pizza and wine through the crowd, washing dishes, crafting donation boxes and juggling the phalanx of iPods.

And now, many months later – as the first rays of warm sunlight are once again dappling the picnic table – the Winter 2013 issue of Wilder Quarterly is on the news-stands. And we’re right there amongst the Maine oyster farmers, Vietnamese farm-to-table exponents and Alaskan salmon-fileters.

We’ll have an issue or two for browsing through in the café very soon, as well the full article on the press section of the site.