we are honored to work directly with local farmers.

this weeks menu features ingredients sourced from:

star route farm, charlotte valley

pea shoots, sunflower shoots, celery, flowering cabbage, shiso

berry brook farm, hamden 

mixed greens, green onions, dandelion

ronnybrook farm, pine plains

butter, milk, heavy cream, yogurt

champlain valley milling, westport

pizza flour 

dan finn farm, delhi

maple syrup, pork 

byebrook farm, bloomville 


brovetto farm, harpersfield

tilsit cheese, curds 

harold smith, bloomville

chicken eggs

greentopia farm, east meredith


catskill food company, delhi

smoked ham, bacon

greenane farm, meridale

chicken livers, whole chickens, beef

hellers farm, bainbridge 

tomatoes, peaches, prunes, red onions, corn, dill, cucumbers

kristie burnett, bovina            

edible flowers

high meadows delhi                        

basil, parsley