House-made Granola $5.5
Organic oats, seeds, nuts and local honey. Served with Cowbella maple yogurt

Red Egg in a Pan $9
Two Key Farm eggs in 4 hour Table on Ten arrabbiata with backyard basil, parmesan and cracked black pepper: baked and served in a skillet with buttered Breadfellows toast (gluten-free available)

White Egg in a Pan $12
Two Key Farm eggs in a cream sauce, marinated Township Valley shiitake, yellow and brown oyster mushrooms on a bed of winter greens, parmesan, black pepper. Served with buttered Breadfellows toast (gluten-free available)

Table Pot Pie of the Week
Seasonal pies, made weekly from our imagination. Mauer’s Mountain Guinea Hen, Catskills Food bacon and ham, Flaca Vaca and Jack Burns’ beef, Bovina Valley Pork and chorizo, vegetables from Star Route and Berry Brook, herbs from our own backyard.

Fresh Green Salad $8 / $6
Star Route greens with herbs and house dressing

The Ham & Cheese  $8  
Thinly sliced prosciutto, Cowbella mozzarella and house-made basil pesto on a fresh baguette

The Cheese & Pickle $8
Harpersfield Tilsit, house-made pickled onions, safflower mayonnaise, Star Route arugula on a fresh baguette

Table on Ten Hen Broth $8
Mauer’s Mountain guinea hens, hand-cut house-made pappardelle, fresh herbs, parmesan

Four and Twenty Blackbirds’ pie
Different most weeks
Whole $35 / Slice $4.75

Wood-fired pizza (Friday & Saturday evenings, 6-9 RESERVATIONS ENCOURAGED)

Weekly Special Pizza $13- $15

Margherita $12
House-made arrabbiata, Cowbella mozzarella, backyard basil, Maldon sea salt

Fennel $14
Lemon-marinated fennel, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Painted Goat feta, backyard parsley

Ham & Egg $15
Jonah’s ham, Byebrook Gouda, Star Route greens, salt-preserved meyer lemon, two Key Farm eggs

Mushroom $15
Marinated Township Valley shiitakes and portabella, Cowbella mozzarella, parmesan, black pepper

Ham & Arugula $15
Table on Ten arrabbiata sauce, mascarpone, Jonah’s ham, parmesan, Star Route arugula

Roasted Red Pepper $15 
Extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto, red pepper, red onion, parmesan

Smoked Pepperoni $15 
Table on Ten arrabbiata, Vermont smoked pepperoni, Cowbella mozzarella, backyard basil, Maldon sea salt

Honey Chocolate $13
Ricotta, local honey, shaved dark chocolate, Maldon sea salt

Fresh Star Route Greens $8 / $6

Weekly Special Salads
Local ingredients

Table on Ten Hen Broth $8
Mauer’s Mountain guinea hens, hand-cut house-made pappardelle, fresh herbs, parmesan


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