house granola, yogurt $5.5
red egg in a pan, local eggs, arrabbiata, basil, parmesan, pepper, toast $9
white egg in a pan, local eggs, cream, mushrooms, bitter greens, parmesan, pepper, toast $12
seasonal savory pies with local stuff $15
the cheese & pickle, tilsit, pickled onions, mayonnaise, arugula, baguette $9
the ham & cheese, smoked ham, mozzarella, basil pesto, baguette $9  
the liver & onions, chicken liver mousse, pickled onions, pickled fennel, mayonnaise, greens, baguette $10
soup, special, broth based $8
salad, seasonal and local $8 / $12
four and twenty blackbirds pie $4.75 / $35
ice cream $5

wood-fired pizza, friday and saturday, 6 – 9, reservations encouraged
weekly special $15
margherita, arrabbiata, mozzarella, basil, salt $12
pepperoni, arrabbiata, smoked pepperoni, mozzarrella, basil $15
fennel,  marinated fennel, preserved meyer lemon, feta, parsley $14
mushroom, shiitakes, creminis, mozzarella, garlic, sage, parmesan, pepper  $15
sausage, pork sausage, roasted red peppers, bitter greens, gouda $15
ham, arrabbiata, marscapone, smoked ham, spinach, parmesan $15
ham & egg, smoked ham, eggs, preserved meyer lemon, spinach, gouda $15
chocolate, chocolate, honey, ricotta, salt $13
salads, seasonal and local $8 / $12
soup, special, broth based $8
ice cream $5

beer / wine / cider / natural sodascoffee / tea / espresso