mixed green salad with herbs, radishes and lemon vinaigrette $9

spinach & carrot salad with feta cheese, pickled onions, roasted carrot dressing and flaxseed crackers $12

roasted beet salad with dill, tilsit cheese, mustard dressing $12


chicken bone broth served in a mug $6

minted pea soup served with focaccia $8 (vegan)

sourdough pizza

margherita – tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil $14

pepperoni – tomato sauce, smoked pepperoni, mozzarella, basil $16

spicy honey – olive oil, radicchio, smoked pepperoni, goat cheese, honey, rosemary $18

mushroom – olive oil, mozzarella, garlic, parsley, parmesan $17

fennel sausage – tomato sauce, spinach, pork sausage,  chives $17

ham – tomato sauce, mascarpone, smoked ham, parmesan and fresh arugula $17

ham & egg – smoked ham, two eggs, salt preserved meyer lemon, spinach, gouda $18

merguez sausage – cream, spinach and wild thyme fed lamb $

chocolate & blueberry – whipped ricotta, honey, blueberries, chocolate, salt $16


chicken pies with peas, celery, onions, carrots, herbs, all butter crust. served with fresh greens salad and pickles $17

curried chickpea stew with tomatoes, yogurt, focaccia, green salad $16

focaccia sandwiches

tilsit cheese, pickled peppers, garlic aioli $12

chicken liver mousse, bacon, sprouts, lettuce, onion- ceviche $14

gouda, sauerkraut, chives, garlic aioli (served hot from the oven) $12

add fried egg + $3


seed, nut and oat granola, whole milk yogurt, honey $6

eggs, gouda and herb-biscuit baked together $7


cardamom coffee cake $3

pot de creme $5

maple apple tarts $5