We Need Somebodies | Not Just Anybodies

Just when we think we’ve got it all sorted out … out comes the sun (‘guys, guys; outside, big yellow glowing ball in sky’), the picnic tables are inundated and we go and open up the whole downstairs. Suddenly we’re nose to the grindstone of life’s great existential questions: are the fennel and prosciutto pizzas for Table 16? And is Table 16 upstairs, downstairs or in the garden? (Hi)biscus or (HI)biscus? Mizuna? Mibuna? Help! Just like John, Paul, George and Ringo in ’65. We’re in our Fat Elvis period. Yesterday. It’s Only Love. We’re All Shook Up.


You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. Table on Ten is a café  in rural Bloomville NY. We work with local producers, offering a seasonal and improvised menu with strong week-to-week emphasis on what’s being harvested right here, right now. On weekend evenings we serve brick oven pizzas, with a full wine and beer list. The microshop carries local and speciality items, some of which are made in-house. We also host pop-up dinners, events, and collaborations.

It’s a small, close-knit, vibrant, creative environment, akin to being a Navy Seal (but armed with stalks of lacinato kale). We work hard as a team, share responsibilities and have high standards.

We’re looking for two new Seals.


Roughly, a ‘waitress’ or ‘waiter’. But the unique life of café and its community calls for a more catholic set of skills than simply delivering food to tables.

These include (all melded together into a glittering whole) …

• the ability to attend to detail whilst constantly being aware of the whole picture. Table 5 is waiting for an anchovy pizza, a group of six with kids needs a table downstairs, somebody wants to chat about who grew the arugula, the candles on the picnic tables have blown out, we’re getting low on the asparagus special and soap in the bathroom.

• to attend to this whilst remaining calm, personable, charming and communicative.

• liaise minute-to-minute with the kitchen and register, being aware of work-flow, backups, what’s coming, what’s going. Calmly, efficiently.

• take the high food standards produced in the kitchen and bring them to the tables, being precisely aware of menu items, noticing and helping to correct discrepancies.

• be interested and understand the food, drinks and the overall experience we offer and be able to communicate that understanding to customers.

• have stamina, the physical capacity to keep going without appearing to flag. Upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside.

• work as part of a team. No lone wolves.

• enjoy dealing with the public.

• be self-motivated.

• be detailed and organized.

• in a broad sense, to feel ownership of the environment when you’re working it. There’s a lot to do, and whilst everything’s governed by efficiency and high-standards, there are also elements of poise and performance.

• work evenings, weekends and some holidays.

• balance a plastic ball on nose whilst slapping fins together and barking.

• have your own home and transport.

• start now please.

+- 20 hours per week



who will …

• participate fully in the minute-to-minute operation of the kitchen, follow food production schedules and ensure highest level of food quality, taste and presentation.

• adhere and contribute to practices and goals for the kitchen, anticipate and resolve issues.

• understand and adhere strictly to Health Department and food handling guidelines.

• contribute to the development and implementation of new menu items, ensure adherence to recipes and product specifications.

• bear food cost in mind, through intelligent practice of food preparation and handling.

• conduct regular inspections of the kitchen/dishwashing area, workspaces, storage areas and coolers, and act promptly to correct any deficiencies.

Need to be able to:

• work in a close-knit team environment.

• work calmly and effectively under pressure.

• efficiently solve problems on the spot.

• be self-motivated and organized.

• show commitment to quality service of good food.

• take direction.

• show an interest in food prepared with sustainably farmed, locally sourced ingredients.

• understand the importance of safety, sanitation and food handling procedures.

• show previous kitchen experience.

• exhibit professional, personable communication skills.

• sit on a stool and catch poorly-thrown fish in your mouth.

• have flexibility in assuming different roles within the life of the café when needed; front-of-house skills, helping to prepare and maintain the dining areas and microshop, being aware of stock levels, serving food in the café and at the counter.

• work evenings, weekends and some holidays.

• have a house and transport.

• start now.

+- 20 hours a week